DirectLease DirectLease: the lease specialist for mobility abroad

DirectLease: the lease specialist for mobility abroad

Are you in need of a lease vehicle abroad (on short notice)? Since 2001, we are the first online car leasing company to offer business lease vehicles to national and international clients. With our short lines of communication between colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad, you can quickly get the mobility you need.

You have a business in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany and are looking to expand your operations across the border.

Where do you begin?

If you are thinking of doing business in other countries, there are many important aspects to keep in mind. Mobility can definitely be a problem when dealing with foreign colleagues. Think of cars with local licence plates, working together with multiple parties, etcetera. These are all difficult issues.


Business mobility doesn't have to be a roadblock for you; with our knowledge and experience, you'll be on your way in no time.

With our short lines of communication between colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad and the expertise we have acquired over the years, we can make cross-border leasing easy for you.

Thanks to our international network, we have an extensive range of fast delivery cars, which means you can truly be on the road in no time!

DirectLease Business mobility doesn't have to be a roadblock for you; with our knowledge and experience, you'll be on your way in no time.

Our international team

Would you like to know more about international lease?

DirectLease’s international team is happy to help you in the Netherlands, Germany & Belgium!

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Gregory Lang (speaks French, English and Dutch)

Call +32 3 544 2910

Marius Appel 2


Marius Appel (speaks English and German)

Call +49 211 528 08 413

lars antvelink

The Netherlands

Lars Antvelink (speaks Dutch and English)

Call +31 541 571 735


Can we help you with international mobility?

We are happy to help you in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands!

Let us know where you want to go and which language you prefer to communicate in. We'd love to hear from you!

When you choose international lease through DirectLease, you choose peace of mind.

The same full-operational lease you are used to in every country

Your convenience comes first. We offer full-operational lease in every country. This means that all costs - including maintenance, repairs, tyres, road tax and insurance - are included in your contract. You only have to pay for fuel and any traffic fines.

Spending a lot of valuable time on business mobility is a thing of the past.
There's a reason why our slogan is “Car lease made clear!”

DirectLease The same full-operational lease you are used to in every country

Why choose international car lease through DirectLease?

  • Do you not (yet) have a legal entity abroad?

Not a problem! For some leasing companies, not having a legal entity abroad is a deal-breaker. Not for us, though.

We like to focus on solutions instead of problems, so we are happy to think along with you. Because we maintain very short lines of communication with our international colleagues, we can usually come up with a creative solution quickly.

In other words: it is not a problem for us to do business with you abroad.

  • Communicate in your own language

Doing business internationally is difficult enough as it is, so communication should be effortless.

It is not a problem if you prefer to speak Dutch, while your colleague only speaks French. Our colleagues speak English, French, German, Dutch and Flemish, so we can always assist you in your native language.

  • Are you looking for a flexible partner to think along with you?

When you do business internationally, you need more than someone who can get you a car. You want a flexible partner who will think along with you and can keep up with the growth of your international business operations. With our short lines of communication within DirectLease and our years of experience with international leasing solutions, we can always find an efficient solution for you on short notice.

Think of e.g. colleagues leaving your company, leaving you with an extra car. Instead of offering a complex buy-out scheme, we will look for a practical solution. Can you use the car in another country? If so, we can arrange that for you - e.g. by exporting the car on your behalf.  This is easier and more cost-efficient for you.

  • Do you need fiscal support?

We can help you with leasing and the various fiscal aspects involved. Of course, we can explain all this to you in your own native language.

The German Umweltprämie, the Belgian VAA or the Dutch addition scheme; we know our way around the various international fiscal measures, as well as specific schemes such as salary-splitting.  What are the fiscal benefits of international leasing and how can you benefit from that?  Through a combination of extensive experience and a large network of experts, you are guaranteed to get reliable (and free) advice.

On top of that, we offer international car leasing as an intra-Community service. This makes the whole process a lot easier for your accounting department, as there are no complex VAT recoveries to worry about.

  • Fast and short lines of communication

When dealing with an international business, it can be difficult to get the answers you need. Not with us, though. Our colleagues not only know each personally, they also work together closely every single day. This means they know about each other's international clients and your questions are answered quickly. Our goal is to get back to you within 24 hours. When you contact us, you won't have to explain over and over again who you are and what you need.

  • Choosing a single point of contact

Some international leasing companies require you to communicate with individual representatives in every country they operate in. At DirectLease, we prefer to keep things simple!

No matter what country you operate out of: you can choose a single point of contact. This colleague will discuss your needs and wishes with our international teams and relay their answers to you. This means you can ask us anything you want in your own native language.