Cross-Border business leasing

DirectLease makes cross-border business leasing possible, even without a presence in the respective country. Arranging a car for activities in Belgium or Germany can be challenging without a presence in that country. At DirectLease, we understand this challenge and offer a solution: flexible thinking.

Leasing a business car: overcoming local limitations

International business requires international mobility. Yet, many companies face strict requirements from leasing companies, including having an establishment in the country of the leased car. This regulation can be a barrier for enterprises wanting to operate across borders.

DirectLease Leasing a business car: overcoming local limitations

DirectLease's solution: flexibility without borders

DirectLease stands out with its unique approach in the international leasing field. We enable your business to lease cars in both Belgium and Germany, even if you do not have an official establishment there. This approach is based on our years of experience and deep knowledge of the European leasing market, allowing us to offer flexible and tailor-made leasing solutions. For example, by:

  • Providing guarantees across borders: we conduct the credit check at a business unit in another country. 

  • Credit assessment via a guarantor: for example, a parent company or a friendly business.

DirectLease DirectLease's solution: flexibility without borders

Practical example: successful cross-border leasing

A striking example is a Dutch company that needed a leased car for a new employee in Germany. The recent establishment of the German GmbH caused many leasing companies to hesitate due to credit assessments. DirectLease, on the other hand, offered a practical solution by arranging acceptance through the already established Dutch entity. This resulted in a German car with a German lease contract, without the bureaucracy and delays that often accompany cross-border leasing.

Why choose DirectLease?

  • No local office address required: our service is specially designed to support the international ambitions of your company, without a local office address being a barrier.

  • Expertise and customization: we offer not just a lease contract, but a partnership. Our experts work closely with you to ensure that your leasing solution perfectly matches the unique needs of your business.

  • Efficiency and simplicity: we understand that time is precious. Therefore, we strive to make the process as quick and simple as possible, so your company can continue to focus on what really matters – growth and success.

Service and support: your partner in mobility

At DirectLease, we are not just a supplier, we are your mobility partner. We are ready to guide you at every step, with personal support and advice. Our customer service is known for its responsiveness and commitment, ensuring that your experience with international leasing is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

DirectLease Service and support: your partner in mobility
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