License plate choice: navigating international waters

Cross-border leasing raises many questions. Particularly, choosing the right license plate can be puzzling. Do you live in the Netherlands and work in Belgium/Germany, or vice versa? These situations often cause confusion. We delve into the details to provide you with the clarity you need.

European guidelines for cross-border workers

As a cross-border worker, the regulations of both countries where you live and work apply to you. This means that the labor laws and income tax of the country where you work are applicable, while other taxes such as wealth tax follow the rules of the country of residence. This dual exposure to regulations can influence the choice of license plate for your leased car.

DirectLease European guidelines for cross-border workers

When do you choose a Dutch, German, or Belgian license plate?

Fundamentally, the place where your car is most used determines the license plate. However, there are exceptions. For example, if an employee works in the Netherlands but lives in Belgium, it might sometimes make more sense to choose a Belgian license plate. Factors such as tax rules and insurance issues play an important role here.

The role of salary splitting in license plate choice

What if your salary is divided between two countries? In the case of salary splitting, choosing the right license plate can become complicated. This is where international tax rules and employer obligations come into play, making expert advice essential.

DirectLease The role of salary splitting in license plate choice
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DirectLease: your guide in international leasing

At DirectLease, we understand that choosing the right license plate is important and can sometimes be complicated. When it comes to international car leasing, knowledge of the legislation is crucial. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with personal and clear advice, tailored to your specific situation. We ensure that you can hit the road with the right knowledge and confidence, wherever you are.

Do you have questions about choosing the license plate for your lease car? Want to know what best fits your international situation? Contact DirectLease. Together, we will ensure a carefree driving experience, across borders. Whether you drive in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany, we are here for you.